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Pottery Barn Inspired Canvas Wall Art

My son, Aaden, turned 8 recently and his bedroom is in need of a little TLC. So, I started brainstorming ideas for a mini-room-makeover.  As I was browsing around the web for some inspiration, I came across this painted print of the letter “A” from Pottery Barn.  I looked at the price…(gasp!)…$199.  What? I thought to myself, as I usually do, “I can make that”.  So, I did.  And you could too!

Here is what you will need:

  • 11×14 canvas (I re-used one I had on hand, but you can get these at your local craft store)
  • 2 colors of paint
    • Grey (Benjamin Moore Kendal Charcoal) this was leftover from several other projects
    • White (Waverly White Wax paint) I chose this for the textured look it would provide
  • Paint brushes – large to paint the canvas & small to paint the letter
  • Chalk
  • Toothpick
  • Computer/Printer/paper

Let’s get started!

Start by painting the canvas.  I laid the paint on pretty thick because I wanted a textured look.  


While you are waiting for that to dry, head over to your computer and open a word document.  Type the letter you want to make a few times and start playing with the fonts.  Once you identify the font you like, erase all the others and take a picture of the letter.  On a mac, this command is shift+command+4.  That allows you to select the letter and turns it into a .png.  From there, I just dragged the .png file from my desktop into my word document.  Then I used the made the letter as big as the page by pulling on the corners of the file.  Once it is as big as the page, print it.  A_1
Now, with the printed letter, flip over the sheet of paper and trace it with chalk.  I used light blue…but it was VERY light.  If you have something darker, that would work better. A_2

Once the grey paint is dry, you can start painting the white.  I started in the middle and eased up toward the edges to give it that rough look. And again…wait for the paint to dry. 


Position the sheet of paper with your letter over the white area of the canvas and rub; transferring the chalk from the backside of the paper onto the canvas.  Mine was very light, so I actually went in with a pencil and outlined the letter…just for my own sanity.  Next, I found the smallest paintbrush I had and started painting the letter.  GO SLOW.  That is the key to getting straight lines. Trust me, it is worth it when you can hang this on your wall for $12.  


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