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Easy Holiday Decor

Easy Holiday decor – Using a foam board and coffee filters.   I love the idea of oversized decorations for the different holidays. I do not, however,  love the price tag.  I knew I wanted to make a big heart for valentines day, just was unsure of how I wanted to make it and what materials I would use.  I landed on a piece of foam core board and coffee filters.  With food coloring and a glue gun already on hand, this heart literally cost me $2 to make and it turned out absolutely beautiful.  I am going to make one for every holiday…seriously.  

You can make something like this too.  Here is what you will need:

  • 18×24 foam core board – I got mine at The Dollar Tree for $1!
  • Approximately 150 coffee filters – again, The Dollar Tree…$1
  • Food coloring
  • Glue gun

Start with a large bowl full of water and add food coloring.  Start adding the coffee filters into the bowl.  Make sure to separate them first.  I put in about 10 at a time and let them sit for a few minutes.  If you used a bigger bowl, you could put in more at a time…which is what I will do next time.  As you go, you will need to add more water and more food coloring.  I actually ran out of food coloring, but had an open bottle of red wine, so I used that.  I figured red wine stains things…right?  val_1

Next, I took them out, separated them again and put them on a wire baking rack. I put a few paper towels in between the layers  of coffee filters and kept piling them on into one giant heap. One giant heap that was taking FOREVER to dry.  So, I grabbed the pile and headed to the dryer.  Yikes.  It worked.  I even put in a few dryer sheets to take care of the red wine smell.  

Note: I only had them in the dryer for a few minutes and I checked on them basically every minute.  Separated some of the clumps, removed ones that seemed really dry, etc. val_2

Now start folding.  In half, in half and then fold up a little triangle at the bottom.  This is where you will apply the hot glue and stick it to the foam board.  

Draw a heart on the foam board and cut it out.  Doesn’t have to be perfect.val_3

I started at the crease of the heart and made my way around the perimeter.  Then filled in the middle in the same pattern.val_4

Don’t worry about everything being exactly even.  Once you start to open up the filters, you will never know if you missed a spot or if something was crooked.  

Once the heart was full, I started opening up the filters.  For this, it is best to start in a spot you will remember and work your way around; making sure you open each one.  

To hang it, I actually used pink crepe paper.  I twisted it and hot glued it to the back of the board.  Worked like a charm…it has been about a month and it is still hanging.DSC_1020


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