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Inspirational Wall Art – DIY

Continuing on with ideas for my sons bedroom, I came across some inspirational prints on Etsy.  They were only 8×10 and not quite right for Aadens room.  So, again, I said to myself…”I can make that”.  I loved the message – BE AWESOME TODAY, but I wanted it to match the look & feel of the other wall art I had planned for his room.  So, I started rummaging around in my craft supplies and found everything I needed to create this piece.  If you love the message, but don’t feel up to making your own, I should mention you can buy something very similar on Etsy, here.

If you are feeling ambitious, here is how you can make it.  

You will need:

  • Canvas 16×20 – I am re-purposing an old canvas I had, but you find them at your local craft store.
  • 2 colors of paint
    • Benjamin Moore – Kendal Charcoal (This is paint I had leftover from several other projects)
    • Waverly White Wax paint
  • Paint brush
  • Peel & stick letters – mine were puffy foam, but any kind will work as long as you like the font
  • Tape measure & ruler
  • Trace paper


I started by painting the canvas.  I laid the paint on thick for two reasons…1. I needed to cover up what was previously on the canvas and 2. I wanted a textured look.  

While that was drying, I used my trace paper to trace the longest word…in this case, it was AWESOME. I did this to make sure my circle would be large enough for that word.  That basically dictated my circle size.  The tough part…finding something around the house that was the right size & circular to trace.  My dinner plates were too small.  The lid from one of my big pots was perfect.  

be_1My puffy letters were black.  I wanted them Kendal Charcoal…so I painted them as well.  

When the grey paint was dry, I found the center of the canvas and traced the lid. Then used the wax paint to paint the circle.  I wanted a textured look…the wax paint and the rough brush strokes helped me achieve that look.  

Waiting for paint to dry…I actually let it sit overnight just to be safe.

Use a ruler and find the center of the circle.  Knowing I wanted the word AWESOME to be perfectly centered, I measured the height of the letters…2″.  Then I lightly drew a horizontal 1″ below the center.  This would be the line I would use to place AWESOME.  be_3

I placed the S first, because is it the middle letter in that word.  Then worked out from there. I used the same concept while placing BE & TODAY.  

And that’s it.  My son loves it, I love it, my daughter is asking for one for her room.  

Stay tuned to see the full makeover reveal.


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