Making your kids feel special on their birthday

Birthdays are a BIG deal to kids. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day stuff that we forget how important birthdays really are to our kids.  Here are the 5 things I do on my kids birthdays to really make them feel like it is special day.

1. Balloons & Decorations

What child doesn’t love balloons?  I have not met one yet! So, after the kids go to bed on the night before their birthday, I get busy with balloons and decorations.  TIP: Invest in an inexpensive balloon pump, like this one from Target.  I always decorate their door with balloons…sometimes they are hanging, other times they are set up to fall in on the kids when they open the door.  Either way, they love it.  For the next birthday, my goal is to cover the floor in their bedroom with balloons.  This will take about 100 balloons.  eek.  I make sure to have a small balloon bouquet of mylar balloons to set by their spot at the table and usually decorate their chair with balloons too.  Then I get to decorating the rest of the kitchen with  crepe paper, banners, hanging signs, etc.  It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to make a big impact.  You can get so much stuff from the dollar spot at Target or The Dollar Tree.  Yes…it DOES take a little time, but it is totally worth it to see how happy it makes the kiddos.  Waking up to a decorated house to celebrate their special day…priceless.bday_2

2. Birthday Outfit

Who doesn’t love a new outfit?  This idea actually came from my husband…so his mom must have done this for him too :). My daughter is all about a new outfit on her birthday…my son, not so much.  Either way, there is always an extra spring in their step with their new outfit.  Just look at that attitude!bday_4

3. Birthday Breakfast

“What would you like for breakfast on your birthday?  Try to think of something crazy that Mom would never serve you for breakfast.”  Pancakes with sprinkles, cupcakes, waffles with ice cream, ice cream sandwiches. Whatever it is, we put a candle in it and sing Happy Birthday.  My kids have started to love this tradition and look forward to it every year.  So far, I have honored every request.  I should also note…if there is cake left, we eat that for breakfast the next morning. So, basically, I feed my kids absolute junk for breakfast two days in a row.  I always find myself chanting in my head “dad is great…he gives us chocolate cake”.  Anyone?bday_3


4. Make it a celebration!

Cake, ice cream, friends, family, singing, etc.  Don’t let this day go by without making a big deal about it…even if it’s not the day of their actual party.  Just have a couple people over for singing, cake & ice cream and watch their faces light up.  Maybe a few friends, a neighbor, grandma & grandpa.  And sing!  We probably sing Happy Birthday at least three times on their actual birthday.  Once when we wake them up, once with their birthday breakfast and once with cake & ice cream.  If the birthday falls during the school year, go to lunch with them and send a special treat to school.  This year, we sent individual bags of homemade popcorn for everyone….which, by the way, was a bigger project than I anticipated.  


5. Talk about the day they were born

Every year, I talk to my kids about the day they were born.  We look back at pictures and talk about who was there and what else was going on.  They love it.  They usually don’t want to stop talking about it or looking at the pictures.  Especially my son…who was lucky enough to get an ambulance ride on his first day alive ;).  This is a great opportunity to talk about how fortunate we are to have each other, our extended family, our health, etc.  


The list of things you can do goes on and on.  Here are a few other ideas…I would love to hear yours!

  • Slideshow set to music – so easy today with computers
  • Wrap all of the items in their lunchbox – Note from experience: they will actually think these are presents, so if you are going to do this, you should probably put a small present in there too.  
  • Make them a special cake/let them help
  • They get to choose dinner…sometimes they ask for something homemade…sometimes they ask for Jimmy Johns…
  • Take them for Fro-Yo with a friend
  • In general, make the day all about them


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