Simple ways to make your gift wrapping look great…using everyday items you likely have at home

It is all about the presentation.  If I have heard this once, I have heard it a million times.  And…it is SO true.  

If you have made the effort to get someone a gift, go the extra mile to really make it stand out.  It’s easy to do and you can use things you probably already have at your house. You can do this! And I am going to show you how.


In this case, I was giving a doormat as a gift.  It is large, awkward and flimsy.  Rather than wrapping the entire thing in paper, I decided to make a giant tissue paper flower and attach it with a wide ribbon.  

For the flower in the picture, you will need:

  • 6-8 sheets of white tissue paper
  • Twine (would not have to be twine…could be anything: ribbon, yarn, dental floss, etc.)
  • Stapler

Start by fan-folding the stack of tissue paper.  My folds were a little over 1″ thick.  If you are making a smaller flower, you will want to use smaller paper and make smaller folds.  Once folded, find the center and staple. Grab your twine/string and tie a knot at the center and staple again.  Make sure to leave about 12″ of twine so that you can attach the flower to your gift. Take you scissors and round the corners.  You can also cut it into a “V” for a different look. tissue_1

Now, start opening up the folds and gently pull each sheet away from each other.  Just keep working with it until you get it how you want it to look.  You can’t really mess this up.  Even it you rip a sheet…it is fine.  It will get lost in the shuffle.  tissue_2

There are so many variations you can do to this.  Make it bigger or smaller.  Make it colorful…use two different color tissue papers.  You can make a tiny flower and attach it inside the middle of your big flower for a pop of color.  For wedding gifts, it is absolutely gorgeous to combine silver and white tissue paper.  Just have fun with it!DSC_0787


This is so great for kids birthday presents.  I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS have a stash of water balloons.  I have two little kids…and nothing makes them happier in the summer than when I pull out the water balloons.  Anyway, water balloons are small and perfect for making a big impact on an average-looking gift.  NOTE: You do not fill the balloons with water…you fill them with air:).

All you need is:

  • Ribbon or string
  • 5-6 water balloons – filled with airballoon_1

Start by tying a ribbon around the gift; leaving the strings long.  Blow up the balloons…make sure to stretch them first(water balloons are surprisingly hard to blow up). Tie them to the dangling strings of ribbon.  Once the balloons are on, loosely tie the ribbons together to make the balloons come together; looking like a bouquet.  Curl the excess ribbon and you are done!


There is something I love about a brown paper bag, craft paper and old book pages.  If you have any of these on hand, you can use them to wrap and embellish your gift.  This is super easy and adds a delicate touch to something that is typically a little more utilitarian. 

You will need:

  • A brown paper bag, craft paper and/or old book pages
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Start by cutting a circle and then spiral cut all the way to the center; leaving a circle or oval in the middle.  This will end up being the base to your flower.  Take the outer edge and twist it around your finger.  Do this loosely.  Keep spinning until you get to the center base.  Loosen your grip on the spun portion of the paper and do what you can to open up the layers.  Ideally, you would like the flower to be about as wide as the base…so let it unwind a little.  paper_1

Get your glue gun and put a generous amount of glue on the base an push the flower onto the base.  All of the layers will not catch the glue.  Thats ok…but make sure that the center of the flower is glued down.  You might even need to put an extra dot of glue down in the center and push down that very center piece into the glue.  I used a straw so I didn’t burn my finger.  paper_2

As with the tissue paper flowers, there are a ton of different things you can do to change the look of these.  Whether it be using a special scissors, cutting your circle wavy, make them big or small, put a tiny flower inside a lager one, etc.  Have fun! The options are endless.  paper_3

To attach the flowers to the gift, I hot glued it right on the package.  For the tag, I cut out a tag from the bag as well.  


I have a new-found love and respect for crepe paper.  For years, I wouldn’t even give it is second thought.  But honestly, you can do SO MUCH with crepe paper.  Now, It seems like I always have leftover crepe paper…and that is a good thing!  A few years ago, I was wrapping a really special gift in this adorable pink, green and white plaid wrapping paper. No Bow.  So I grabbed the crepe paper and green twine and got to work.  My thought process: I will make a pink crepe paper flower and the green twine will end up looking like the flower stem.  It turned out better than I even imagined and I have been making them ever since.

You will need:

  • Crepe Paper – Any color depending on your wrapping paper
  • Twine, string, ribbon, whatever you have
  • Scissors

Start by loosely wrapping the crepe paper around your hand about 7-10 times.  Cut the paper and remove the wrap from your hand.  crepe_1

Pinch or fold the center so you can tie your string around it. Pull it tight. Slide your scissors into the loop on each end and cut. Then, make 4 cuts on each side toward the center.crepe_2

Now, start pulling the pieces apart.  Keep pulling the pieces until you are happy with the flower.  Tape it to your gift; letting the string hang loose.crepe_3



This one is so simple and easy and pretty…and who doesn’t have a paper plate and about 20 coffee filters?  So, if you are looking for a little something to embellish you gift, here you go.  This will take you five minutes. 

You will need: 

  • 1 paper plate – or piece of cardboard or even card stock would work.
  • 20 coffee filters
  • Hot glue gun

Cut a circle out of the center of your paper plate.  This will be the base to your pouf.  I made my circle about 4″ diameter…but you should size yours according to the size of the box. Keep in mind, the end result will be considerable larger because the filters are going to hang over the edge of the base.  Start by folding the filter in half and in half again.  Then fold the tip up…this is where you will apply the glue to attach the filter to the base.filter_1

Start gluing the filters down.  Don’t worry too much about a pattern.  Sometimes I start in the middle and work my way out, other times I go around the outside and fill in the middle.  The result is usually pretty similar.  filter_2

Once the filters are all attached, start opening them up.  Work with it until it looks good to you.  If there are any parts sticking out more than you like, trim them.  Glue the pouf to the gift…and get ready for a compliment!filter_3


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