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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Banner

When I started gathering ideas for my St. Patrick’s Day decor, I knew I wanted to make a party banner.  As I started searching the web, I was overwhelmed with ideas and was quickly discouraged knowing I did not have a lot of the fancy tools that were surely used to create all the embellishments.  So…I started thinking about what I had, and what I could purchase and what I could make myself.  Turns out, you really do not need much to make a big impact.  I will walk you through how I made mine…but really, the options are endless.

Let’s get started…

  • Plan for 3 or more strands – 4 seem to be working good for me
  • Consider a nice mix of materials
    • Paper
    • Burlap
    • Paper/card stock
    • Crepe paper
    • Yarn
    • Felted balls
    • Foam shape cut-outs
  • Add text…even if it is just one word.  I didn’t add text to my valentine banner and admittedly, it lacked a little something.  Look for free printables or make them yourself – I used PicMonkey to make the word “Lucky”.  You can download it for free here.
  • Command hooks

Here is a breakdown of the supplies I used for the “LUCKY” banner:

  • Pre-made burlap banner from Target. This would be easy enough to make yourself…I just figured, for $3, I’ll take it!
  • White card stock
  • White crepe paper
  • Foam shamrock cut-outs – The Dollar Tree
  • Green twine – The Dollar Tree
  • Pre-made curled ribbon clusters (set of 2) – The Dollar Tree
  • Command hooks – small

Here is a little bit of my thought process:

  1. Since the burlap strand was pre-made and more importantly, a set length, I hung it first. I knew I wanted the burlap to be more in the middle of the arrangement. This gave me an idea of how long/short to make the other strands.
  2. I punched holes in the foam shamrocks with a hole punch and strung them onto a twine strand.  I made two of these; leaving the twine extra long so that I could cut it to size later.  These will become my top and bottom strands.
  3. For the word “LUCKY”, I created the letters in PicMonkey and printed them on white card stock.  You can download the letters here if you would like to use them for your banner. 
  4. To attach the cut-out letters to the twine, I small strips of paper, glued them to the back of the circles and threaded the twine through the strips.  This was the last strand to go up.  I was able to make the strand the right length so the letters would not be covered by the strand above.  Then I spaced the letters to center the word in the arrangement.  
  5. Using crepe paper, I made some extra pieces to attach to the top strand.  Cut 12″ strips, fold them in half, cut a “V” at the end and fold over the twine.  
  6. Attach the curled ribbon clusters to the cover up the Command hooks.  shamban_1

That’s it.  Get creative and have fun with it! DSC_1627

A few thoughts:

  1. I actually hang 2 sets of command strips.  The second set is a little lower and the hooks are closer together.  This is just to provide extra hanging options and a way to get a strand to hang at a different angle.
  2. Once you start making banners for different occasions, you will build up a “stash” of things that could be used. Before you know it, you will have to start taking things OUT of the arrangements😉.


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