Fun with the kids on St. Patrick’s Day

Having young kids in the house makes celebrating the holidays all that much more fun. We try to make a big deal building up to each holiday…whether we are talking about what treat they would like to bring to share with their school friends or what might be fun to wear to school.  It gives the kids something to look forward to and is, hopefully, creating lifelong memories.  

In the case of St. Patrick’s day, it is fun for there to be a little surprise for the kids when they wake up.  It is so easy to do and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Basically, a friendly leprechaun visits our house in the night…plays a trick and leaves a little something for the kids to wear that day.

Here are some fun ideas for St. Patrick’s Day morning:

  • The leprechaun leaves the kids a box of Lucky Charms – This might not seem like a big deal to your kids…but I refuse to buy Lucky Charms because my crazy kids ONLY eat the marshmallows.  And…my teeth hurt just thinking about it.  fun_3
  • You know those cute glass milk bottles?  Put those out the night before and squeeze in a few drops of green food coloring.  Then, in the morning, when you pour the kids milk into those jars, the milk magically turns green!  So fun.  My kids went crazy for this trick! Technically, you could just use a glass, but those bottles + a green and white straw…TOO CUTE!fun_2
  • Chocolate gold coins are scattered all over the house or their bedroom.  Make a path from their bedroom out to the kitchen.  
  • Write a message on the counter using green M&M’s.fun_1
  • Make a trip to The Dollar Tree to stock up on St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia.  Put it all out on display in the morning so the kids can pick and choose what they want to use to accessorize that day.  Over the years, you will build up a stock pile of accessories…so bring it all out and combine it with the new stuff…the kids will love it.
  • St. Patrick’s Day glitter tattoos.  Seriously, what kid doesn’t like temporary tattoos?  Mine would cover themselves if I would let them.  
  • Make sure you have something “shamrock-ish” for them to wear. Having a special shirt or outfit makes them feel so good about themselves and they will be excited to go to school to show off their “style”.  Think outside the box for this one…you don’t have to buy a shirt that they will only wear once. For example, I will usually get my son a nice white polo and let him go to town with the accessories.  He actually prefers it that way…and that’s fine with me! fun_4

Yes…doing this is a little extra work.  But, seriously, how much longer is my 8-year-old son going to believe that a darn leprechaun left him a box of Lucky Charms???? My kids love it.  They love the build up to the big day and love celebrating the actual day. Throw in a few fun snacks/treats that day and you have your own little party.  

It’s not too late to do this for your kids too.  Make memories and have fun!


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